Steel Wire Best Price China Factory

Steel Wire Best Price China Factory

1. Stainless wire definition

A wire is a solitary, usually cylindrical, adaptable strand or rod of steel. Wires are utilized to bear mechanical loads or electricity and telecommunications indicators. Wire is generally formed by drawing the metallic by means of a hole in a die or draw plate. Wire gauges come in various standard sizes, as expressed in phrases of a gauge amount.

2. Stainless wire requirements:

1)Stainless Steel & Higher Nickel Alloy Wires

Measurement Range:  .03mm to twenty five.00mm (.0012″ – 1.00″)

Grades: AISI 200, 300 & four hundred collection, High Nickel Alloy & Duplex Steel (Can also give other equivalent global grades)

End:  Comfortable Annealed – ¼ difficult, ½ challenging, ¾ challenging, complete hard (Matte or CZPT)

2)  Stainless spring wires

The diameters are from .08 – 22.00 mm in a variety of grades, finishes & packing.  We can also supply Ni-Coated wires from .08 to two.00mm. The wires can also be supplied with Eddy Present screening.

The CZPT Wires are manufactured as for each ASTM A313, EN 15710-3, JIS G4314, BS 2056 & DIN 17224 & also other equal global standards for making numerous sorts of springs like Aerosol CZPT, Compression CZPT, Extension CZPT and Torsion CZPT as nicely as for Wire Kind, Straight Pin and so forth.

These goods are employed for Irrigation (Sprinkler), CZPT (Lock, Faucet), Auto, Aerospace,  Electronic, business office offer, and so forth.

  The Stainless CZPT wires can be supplied in ½ difficult, ¾ hard & complete difficult circumstances as well. We are using drawing lubricants from CONDAT and also of Japanese origin. We also provide AISI 904L, Nitronic fifty, Inconel X-750 and 904L emitting electrodes on ask for.

3) Stainless chilly heading wires

The diameters are from one.00 – twenty five.00mm with soap drawn skin pass uniform coating & from 1.00 – ten.00mm in annealed condition in numerous grades.The chilly heading wires are manufactures as for every ASTM A 493 & JIS G4315 normal and other equivalent intercontinental common.

Area end : Soft / coated

3. Stainless wire application:

Stainless wire is utilized for a wide range of applications such as wire for hoses, strands,wire ropes, springs, fasteners, clips, staples, mesh, fencing, screws, nails, chains and so forth.


Steel Wire Best Price China Factory