Stainless Steel Chain Conveyor Belt

Stainless Steel Chain Conveyor Belt

Stainless Metal Wire Mesh CZPT Belt
CZPT Wire Mesh Belt very own the resistance to acid,alkali and minimal higher temperature.It owns very good conveying function,crack resistance as nicely as anti oxidation

.With expert style and compact form,the stainless steel wire conveyor belt is very straightforward to set up and steadily operate CZPT deflection.
Delivering creative woven metal wire belting solutions in a variety of industries

 Metal Wire Mesh CZPT Belt Fabrication

  1. – Flat Wire Belt Production
  2. – Round Wire Belt Production
  3. – Rod Belt Manufacturing
  4. – Spiral Wire Belt Manufacturing

Material for wire mesh belt:

  1. Stainless steel 304
  2. Stainless steel 316
  3. Stainless steel 310
  4. Higher carbon metal

Other supplies.
Software for wire mesh belt:

  1. – Gear for blanching veggies and potatoes.  
  2. – Pasteurisation tunnels for the cHangCZPT business and breweries.
  3. – Dryers, fryers and baking ovens for french fries and treats.
  4. – Cooling and freezing tunnels for potatoes, french fries, greens, meat, fish and bakery goods.
  5. – CZPT washing and drying tunnels.

Specification for Wire Mesh CZPT Belt 

Typical specification (nominal dimensions)
Specification Weight(kg/m2) Specification Bodyweight(kg/m2)
K2-40-S0-six.-5. 15. K2- six- 9-two.-two. 16.1
K2-twenty five-30-five.-five. 23.7 K2- 10-15-two.-one.8 seven.2
K2-30-forty-five.-four. K2- 6- 9-1.eight-1.8 12.6
K2-twenty-25-five.-four. 21.five K2- 10-15-one.eight-1.six five.6
K2-15-twenty-4.-4. 25.4 K2- 7-ten-one.eight-one.six
K2-20-2S-4.-3.four 14.four K2- 5- 7-one.six-1.6 twelve.7
K2-25-thirty-4.-three.two ten.4 K2- eight-12-1.6-1.4 5.5
K2-fifteen-20-three.4-3.two sixteen. K2- 5- 7-one.4-one.4 9.3
K2-twenty-twenty five-three.4-three. ten.7 K2- 9-13-one.six-1.two three.nine
K2-15-20-three.two-three. thirteen.nine K2- 6- nine-one.4-1.2 five.6
K2-ten-fifteen-three.2-three. 21.nine K2- four- 6-1.two-1.2 eight.five
K2-fifteen-20-3.-two.6 10.6 K2- 6- nine-one.two-1. three.8
K2-10-fifteen-2.6-two.6 15.3 K2- 4- six-1.two-1. 6.2
K2-15-twenty-two.six-two.three eight. K2- 3- four-one.-one. 8.six
K2-10-15-two.six-2.3 twelve.3 K2- four- six-1.-.nine 4.7
K2-eight-twelve-2.three-2.three 15.3 K2- 3- four-one.-.9 7.2
K2-twelve-18-2.three-two. 7.4 K2- 4- five-1.-.8 four.3
K2-8-twelve-2.3-2. K2- 3- 4-.9-.eight five.five


Stainless Steel Chain Conveyor Belt