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Leaf chains are the simplest steel chains, consisting only of plates and pins. This type of chain typically has greater tensile strength than roller chains and runs on pulleys rather than sprockets. They are suitable for suspension, balancing, or motion transmission applications. Leaf chains are commonly used as counterweight chains for machine tools, elevator and oven doors, forklifts and comply with DIN8188 (ANSI) standards. There are several options for lacing, namely 2X2, 4X4, 6X6 and 8X8.


Leaf chains can be applied to many industries in a variety of ways. However, these industries have common applications, such as heavy lifting.


Leaf chains can be used in warehouses to move goods with little input and effort. The high tensile strength, durability and reliability of our flyer chains make them the most thoughtful choice when buying a chain that won’t fail mid-run.

Factories and Garages

Leaf chains are essential in automotive factories, garages, and workshops to lift vehicles to design body parts easily. Given the dangers associated with this activity, you must use only the safest chain available.

Boat Lifts

In addition to the fact that the boat puts incredible stress on the chains due to their weight, the sea water is also very harsh on the chains, causing them to wear out faster. With the latest technology coated flyer chain, you can be sure of increased durability even in these conditions.