Polyurethane Slurry Pump Parts for Acids or Alkalies

Polyurethane Slurry Pump Parts for Acids or Alkalies

Polyurethane Slurry Pump Elements for acids or alkalies


Polyurethane (also named PU) is an unique materials that has the elasticity of rubber blended with the toughness and toughness of steel. It permits the engineer to substitute rubber, plastic and metallic with the ultimate in abrasion resistance and actual physical homes. Polyurethane can minimize plant servicing.
Polyurethane slurry pump impeller (PUR and PU) is manufactured by Polyurethane which is a polymer composed of a chain of organic and natural units joined by urethane links. This impeller have greater performance than natural rubber impeller for the slurry transportation.
Apart from,we also have Polyurethane Include Plate Liner,Frame Plate Liner,Throat Bush,Frame Plate Liner Insert and so on.


The abrasion and tear resistance of Urethanes are a lot greater than rubbers, while having higher load bearing capability. Compared to plastics, urethanes have superior affect resistance, while having excellent put on houses and elastic memory. Besides, PU is more advance in weight reduction, sounds abatement and wear resistance than metal parts.
However,Urethanes are unsuitable for temperatures exceeding 70ºC and for concentrated acids and alkalies,ketone,esters,chlorinated and nitro hydrocarbons.

Item Overview

Relevant other Pump Elements

We also have put on resistant Impeller, Volute Liner,Throat Bush,Body Plate Liner Insert,Shaft Sleeve,Expeller etc. And rubber impeller,protect plate liner,body plate liner,etc.

Standard Element No. Material Code Part Title
001 E62 Changing Screw
003 G01 Foundation
005   CZPT Assembly
011 E62 Clamp Washer
013 D20 Cover Plate
015 E62 Go over Plate Bolt
017 R26A Go over Plate Liner
018 R26A Include Plate Liner (Fifty percent)
571 E62 Finish Go over
571 G01 Expeller
571 G01 Expeller Ring
571R R08A Expeller Ring (Rubber)
032 D20 Body Plate
034 E62 Body Plate Bolt
036 R26A Frame Plate Liner
039 E63 Frame Plate Stud
041 A05A,R26A Body Plate Liner Insert
043 R26A Body Plate Liner (Fifty percent)
044 K24 Gland Assembly
060 R08A Ingestion Joint
062 D70 Labyrinth
063 K31 Lantern Ring
064 S18 Impeller O-Ring
067 E62 Neck Ring
070 E05 Shaft Crucial
073 E05 Shaft
075 D20 Shaft Sleeve
076 D20 Shaft Sleeve (Prolonged)
078 G01 Stuffing Box
081 E02 Keeper Plate
083 A05A,R26A Throat Bush
085 E02 Cotter
090 S10 Lip Seal
109 S18 Shaft O-Ring
110 A05A Volute Liner
111 Q05 Packing
117 E62 Shaft CZPTr
118 K31 Lantern Restrictor
118-1 K24 Lantern Restrictor(Minimal Stream)
122 R11A Expeller Ring/Stuffing Box Seal
124 R08A Volute Liner Seal
one hundred twenty five R08A Volute Body Seal
132 R08A Discharge Joint Ring
138 E62 Grease Cup Adaptor
179 C23 Shaft Sleeve CZPTr
210 S46 Shaft O-Ring
217 S18 Impeller O-Ring
239 C23 Impeller Launch Collar
241 K24 Lip Seal Gland
302 E02 Lifting Tube
303 E02 Finding Nut
304 E02 Volute Lifting Beam
306 E02 Shaft Wrench
310 E02 Stuffing Box / Expeller Ring
425 R08A Dyna Seal
430 U14 Nut Addresses
005   CZPT Assembly
019 E02 Mounting Plate
041 A05A Back again Liner
064 S18 Impeller O-Ring
070 E05 Shaft Crucial
092 A05A Casing
102 E02 Column
116-1 R10A Strainer – Higher (Rubber)
116-two G01 Strainer-Upper (Solid Iron)
116-3 U02A Strainer-Higher(Urethane)
116-4 C23 Strainer-Upper(SS Mesh)
116L U01A Strainer-Reduce
a hundred twenty five R08A Back again Liner Seal
154 E02 Discharge Pipe
204 R00 Discharge Pipe Gasket
231 E02 Suction Pipe
290 E02 CZPTr
293 E02 Discharge Pipe Help
306 E02 Shaft Wrench
430 U04A Nut Handles
005   CZPT Assembly
019   Mounting Plate
041   Again Liner
064   Impeller O Ring
070   Shaft Crucial
092   Casing
102   Column
116   Strainer-Upper
116L   Strainer-Lower
153   Column Clamp
154   Discharge Pipe
290   CZPTr
291   Socket CZPT Protectors
293   Discharge Pipe Assist
306   Shaft Wrench
421   U-Bolt

Our Workshop Exhibits

Naipu Pump have Mould Workshop,Foundry,Machining Workshop, Heat Remedy Workshop, Assembly Workshop, Examination Workshop etc.

Top quality Control

We set numerous verify points alongside the whole manufacturing line,which during Raw Substance,Charging Materials,Surface area and Heat Treatment method checking,Material Analysis,CZPT Testing and Pump Tests and so on.
We have set up a strict QA and QC method,we can give top quality control records such as “Spectrum Detection” “Metallographic Microscope Inspection” “Block Test” “Ultrasonic Flaw Detection” “Penetration Tests” and so on.

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Polyurethane Slurry Pump Parts for Acids or Alkalies