Komatsu Undercarriage Parts Excavator PC100 PC200 PC300 PC400 PC600 PC1260 Front Idler Roller

Komatsu Undercarriage Parts Excavator PC100 PC200 PC300 PC400 PC600 PC1260 Front Idler Roller

CZPT Undercarriage Parts Excavator PC100 PC200 PC300 PC400 PC600 PC1260 Entrance Loafer Roller

CZPT Loafer
Front Loafer
CZPT Undercarriage Areas

Gain of the excavator and bulldozer front loafer wheel assembly.

The loafer is in-block casting, material 35Mn2, following rail floor mid-frequency heat therapy, hardness could be thick to .8-one.2cm.
Thicken on both aspect plate and enhance stiffener, slider use precision metal (material forty five#).
Use in mine setting could a lot more reflect stability and service existence of goods.



 Product name

CZPT Undercarriage Parts Excavator PC100 PC200 PC300 PC400 PC600 PC1260 Entrance Loafer Roller


35 MnB Steel


Yellow or Black & CZPTized





Floor Hardness

HRC 52-60

 Warranty time

1 12 months / 2000 hours


CZPT export fumigated picket pallet

Time of delivery

Inside of 10 times after agreement recognized

Port of cargo

HangCZPT Port

Payment phrases

T/T or L/C or Western Union or Paypal

Our Advantages

one. Products dimensions

 Follow OEM strictly

two. One particular-quit services

(one)Full undercarriage elements of excavator and bulldozer are CZPT: monitor roller/base roller/lower roller, front idler, sprocket rim/phase team, provider roller/leading roller, observe chain with sneakers/monitor team

(2) Excavator spring assembly with OEM size, bucket hyperlink/H url, url rod/I hyperlink, track guard

(3) Ground Partaking Tools: bucket enamel, excavator buckets, slicing edge, and stop bits

(4)CZPT cylinder and seal kits: EX1200, PC1250 hydraulic cylinders are also CZPT

three. Manufacturing facility immediate cost and Rigid Top quality Handle

 We have our personal factory and overseas trading business office, attach a lot significance to objects top quality during the creation and often examine each and every merchandise prior to offering.

Software of Excavator and bulldozer idler front loafer GP assy 

>>>Machine Product Connected

EX40-one EX40-2 EX55 EX60 EX60-2 EX60-3 EX60-5 EX70 EX75
EX100 EX110 EX120 EX120-one EX120-two EX120-three EX120-5 EX130-1 EX200-one
EX200-2 EX200-three EX200-5 EX220-3 EX220-five EX270 EX300 EX300-1 EX300-2
EX300-3 EX300-five EX300A EX330 EX370 EX400-1 EX400-2 EX400-three EX400-five
EX450 ZAX30 ZAX55 ZAX200 ZAX200-two ZAX330 ZAX450-1 ZAX450-three ZAX450-five
PC20-7 PC30 PC30-three PC30-5 PC30-6 PC40-seven PC45 PC45-two PC55
PC120-six PC130 PC130-seven PC200 PC200-1 PC200-three PC200-five PC200-6 PC200-7
PC200-8 PC210-6 PC220-one PC220-3 PC220-six PC220-seven PC220-8 PC270-seven PC202B
PC220LC-6 PC220LC-8 PC240 PC300 PC300-three PC300-five PC300-6 PC300-7 PC300-7K
PC300LC-7 PC350-six/seven PC400 PC400-3 PC400-5 PC400-6 PC400LC-seven PC450-six PC450-7
PC600 PC650 PC750 PC800 PC1100 PC1250 PC2000    
D20  D31 D50 D60 D61 D61PX D65A D65P D64P-twelve
D80 D85 D155 D275 D355 D85PX D85EX D65EX  
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E320S E320 E320DL E240 E120-one E311 E312B E320BL E345
E324 E140 E300B E330C E120 E70 E322C E322B E325
E325L E330 E450 CAT225 CAT312B CAT315 CAT320 CAT320C CAT320BL
CAT330 CAT322 CAT245 CAT325 CAT320L CAT973  CAT939C CAT963C  
D3 D3C D4 D4D D4H D5M D5H D6C D6D
D6M D6R D6T D7 D7H D7R D8 D8N D8R
D9R D9N D9G D10 D10N D10R D8H    
SK120-six SK120-five SK210-8 SK210LC-8 SK220 SK220-one SK220-3 SK220-five/six SK200 
SK200 SK200  SK200-three SK200-6 SK200-eight SK200-5/6 SK60 SK290 SK100
SK230 SK250 SK250-eight SK260LC-eight SK300 SK300-2 SK300-four SK310 SK320
SK330-8 SK330 SK350LC-eight SK235SR SK450 SK480 SK30-6    
SH120  SH120-3 SH200 SH210-five SH200 SH220-3 SH220-five/7 SH290-3 SH350-5/7
SH220 SH280 SH290-7 SH260 SH300 SH300-three SH300-5 SH350 SH60
EC160C EC160D EC180B EC180C EC180D EC210 EC210 EC210B EC240B
EC290 EC290B EC240 EC55 EC360 EC360B EC380D EC460 EC460B
EC460C EC700 EC140 EC140B EC160B        
R914 R924 R934 R944          
JH60-seven JH115 JH135 JH161          
DH200 DH220-three DH220 DH220S DH280-two DH280-three DH55 DH258 DH130
DH370 DH80 DH500 DH450 DH225        
R60-five R60-seven R80-seven R200 R200-3 R210 R210-one R210-9 R210LC
R210LC-7 R225 R225-three R225-seven R250 R250-seven R290 R290LC R290LC-7
R320 R360 R954            
HD512 HD1430 HD512III HD820III HD820R HD1430III HD700VI HD1250VII HD250SE
HD400SE HD500SE HD1880            
DX225 DX225LC DX258 DX300 DX300LCA DX420 DX430    
SD13-2 DH16J2XL DH16J2LGP SD16 SD22 SD32      

Package deal of the Excavator entrance loafer


Package deal

  1. Cartons, wood situations, pallets, etc., 
  2. According to consumer needs


  1. Genuine High quality
  2. Competitive Value
  3. Limited guide time
  4. Substantial Precision
  5. One particular-End Store

Delivery kind & time

1.CZPT Courier, These kinds of as DHL, TNT,UPS or Fedex.

two.By air/By sea

Items totally stocked, timely and efficient supply.


CZPT Manufactures a wide selection of Undercarriage Elements & Components such as:

  • Observe Chains (CZPT, Heavy Obligation & “PPR” Collection)
  • Cast and Cast Drive Segments
  • Push Sprockets
  • Idlers
  • Lower Rollers
  • Carrier Rollers
  • Keep track of Tensioning Assemblies and Elements
  • Weighty Obligation Forestry Roller and Idlers

CZPT Undercarriage Components Excavator PC100 PC200 PC300 PC400 PC600 PC1260 Entrance Loafer Roller

Manufacturing facility Giving Straight, Greatest Price tag and Ideal Service!!!

Stringent Top quality Control, Replacing the Authentic Manufacturing facility Products!!

Komatsu Undercarriage Parts Excavator PC100 PC200 PC300 PC400 PC600 PC1260 Front Idler Roller