Highly Effective Butachlor + Propanil

Highly Effective Butachlor + Propanil

Butachlor 35%+Propanil 35% Ec

Butachlor Biochemistry No definitive method of motion is recognized at the molecular amount. Reported to inhibit mobile division, by blocking protein synthesis. It is reported that chloroacetamides inhibit synthesis of really long chain fatty acids (J. Schmalfuss et al., Abstr. Conference WSSA, Toronto, 2000, 40, 117-118 P. Böger, Abstr. III Int. Weed Management Congr., Brazil 2000). 

Butachlor Mode of action Selective systemic herbicide, absorbed largely by the germinating shoots, and secondarily by the roots, with translocation all through the plant, providing larger concentrations in vegetative components than in reproductive areas. 

Butachlor Uses
Employed pre-emergence for the management of annual grasses and specified wide-leaved weeds in rice, each seeded and transplanted. It shows selectivity in barley, cotton, peanuts, sugar beet, wheat and a number of brassica crops. Powerful costs variety from one.-4.5 kg a. I. /ha. Exercise is dependent on water availability these kinds of as rainfall following therapy, overhead irrigation or apps to standing h2o as in rice culture.

Propanil Biochemistry Photosynthetic electron transport inhibitor at the photosystem II receptor internet site.

 Propanil Mode of action Selective contact herbicide with a quick length of exercise. 

 Propanil Uses Get in touch with herbicide used put up-emergence in rice, at two.five-5. kg/ha, to control wide-leaved and grass weeds, such as Amaranthus retroflexus, Digitaria spp., Echinochloa spp., Panicum spp., and Setaria spp. Also employed, in mixture with MCPA, in wheat. A mixture with carbaryl is utilised in citrus crops developed in sod lifestyle.

Highly Effective Butachlor + Propanil