Automatic Small Capacity 1000bph 2000bph3000bph 4000bph Mineral Drinking Water Beverage Packing Packaging Machine Line Plant Project

Automatic Small Capacity 1000bph 2000bph3000bph 4000bph Mineral Drinking Water Beverage Packing Packaging Machine Line Plant Project

Computerized Little Ability 1000bph/2000bph3000bph/4000bph Mineral Ingesting Water Beverage Packing/Packaging Device/Line/Plant/Venture

H2o treatment method system: It refers to the measures taken to make the water quality satisfy specified use specifications.
The bodily attributes of water, these kinds of as temperature, color, transparency, odor and flavor, are filtered or taken care of
so that drinking water can be used directly for consuming or other needs.

Uncooked drinking water pump: hook up to raw water,we provider the greatest supplier Nanfang pump or Grundfos pump.
Silica sand filter: Silica sand as a filter medium can intercept and remove suspended issue efficiently, organic
subject, colloidal particles, microorganisms, chlorine, odor and some large metal ions in water below specific stress,
so as to lessen water turbidity.
Active carbon filter: It can filter chlorine material in h2o: <0.1PPM, and has significant effect on odor, organic matter,
colloid and iron in water. It can also reduce turbidity, chroma of drinking water, purify drinking water top quality and reduce air pollution to adhere to-up
programs (reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, ion exchanger).
Sodium ion exchanger:Sodium ion exchanger (softener) is utilised to get rid of calcium and magnesium ions from drinking water.
When calcium and magnesium ions in water are exchanged by sodium ion, carbonate scale and sulfate scale are not
easily fashioned in water, thus softening drinking water can be attained.
Precision filter: Precision filter adopts PP filter membranes which has high filtering precision, significantly less than .1um particles,
strong capacity of intercepting air pollution and lengthy service lifestyle.
Reverse osmosis:it is composed of reverse osmosis membrane (RO), high strain pump and washing program to
defend the reverse osmosis membrane. It can intercept substances larger than .0001 micron. It is the finest drinking water filter.
It can properly intercept all dissolved salts and organic substances with molecular excess weight greater than one hundred, and permit
water molecules to go by way of.
Hollow Fiber ultrafiltration: Ultrafiltration technological innovation is a new technology extensively used in water purification, answer
separation, focus, and extraction of beneficial substances from wastewater, wastewater purification and reuse.
The separation procedure can be carried out at room temperature. It is suited for the focus or purification of some
warmth-sensitive substances this kind of as juice, organic brokers and some medicines. It has a vast assortment of programs. The size
of Dalton or solute is .. Ultrafiltration separation engineering can be utilised in the assortment of um.
UV: Right after the RO method, the germs in the drinking water are removed by making use of the UV sterilizing lamp.
Ozone generator:Ozone is a extensively recognized high-performance disinfectant in the planet. Chemical house is specifically
lively, is a sturdy oxidant, at a specified concentration can swiftly get rid of bacteria in h2o and air.

Washing filling capping three-in-one: This machine is mainly utilized for the filling of pure drinking water, mineral drinking water and other
non-gas and sugar-free drinks in plastic bottles. It is an built-in gear for washing, filling and sealing.
it adopts hanging kind air conveyor to make modify bottle product far more practical, more quickly and cleaner. the primary
machine adopts sophisticated PLC control technology, the important electric powered elements adopt global famous items
or according to customer’s CZPT.
CZPT features:
1)It is adopted that direct relationship in between air conveyor and inlet starwheel alternatively of screw and conveyor chains,
which is less difficult for bottle changing.
2)There is no want to adjust the height of tools by way of neck holding tech for bottle transportation.And what is
only to change some spare areas.
3)High pace filling line is of clamp transferring technological innovation.Bottle designs are much more varied, and the working table inside
the equipment is a lot more laconic.
four)By three-in-one monoblock, the bottle goes through rinsing, filling and capping with tiny abrasion, and the transferring is
secure, bottle altering is less difficult.
five)Specifically created stainless steel bottle clamp dose not contact the thread elements of the bottle neck, avoiding the
next contamination.
six)Substantial speed and big circulation filling valve assures the large filling velocity and specific fluid amount.
seven)Areas get in touch with with the liquid are all of outstanding stainless metal or foodstuff stage plastic.The electric method is of
global brand and achieves the countrywide meals sanitary normal.
eight)The bottle-out starwheel is of screwdown shape.When bottle size is transformed, there is no want to adjust the
transferring chain’s peak.
Major components list:

Product Components Title Brand name Model
2 Inverter
3 Contact Display
4 Swap
five Contactor
6 Relayer
seven Solenoid Valve AIRTAC ZheJiang
eight Generate motor FEITUO Swiss
9 Reducer CNP China
10 Water Pump SKF China
eleven Primary CZPT AUTONICS Sweden
twelve Sensor AIRTAC Korea
13 Air component ABB ZheJiang

Automatic sleeve labeling machine: It is suitable for all types of beverages, this kind of as fruit juice, tea beverage, dairy goods,
pure drinking water, beer, sporting activities beverages and other foodstuff and beverage industries. It not only has high accuracy of labeling place,
but also can spotlight bottles and best bottle-shaped after shrinkage.
1. It is ideal for all sorts of beverages, such as fruit juice, tea beverage, dairy products, pure drinking water, beer, athletics beverages and
other meals and beverage industries. It not only has substantial accuracy of labeling position, but also can spotlight bottles and
perfect bottle-shaped following shrinkage.
two. Highly steady mechanical construction,The total device adopts stainless metal protective frame include and aluminum alloy
rigid body, which is secure and rust-cost-free.
3. Adaptable option of all varieties of bottle kind: spherical bottle, sq. bottle, elliptical bottle etc. can also select the bottle mouth
or body.
four. Special synchronous cutter holder, inside the scope of specifications, no substitution cutter holder. If the requirements
need to be changed, it can be finished rapidly in 5 minutes.
five. The shape is exquisite and stunning, the general composition is powerful, and the use is far more lightweight and versatile.
six. Solely made reciprocating cutter, which adopts rigid human body blend of mechanism, can run effortlessly and
extend instrument life by 2 times.
7. Simple central pillar positioning, easy to alter requirements, easy to function, straightforward to realize, simple to understand, totally
avoiding the user’s problems.
eight. The construction of this machine is easy and generous, which can make sure lower failure charge and straightforward upkeep.
9. The entire collection of security primary human body basic safety defense body is genuinely personal design.
Primary parts record:

No Identify Model Maker
one SUS304 stainless steel   South Korea
two motor TWT ZheJiang
three CZPT NSK  MNB  EZO  IJK Japan
four stepper motor Tamagawa Japan
five Stepping Driver Ertl ZheJiang
six PLC  controller Omron Japan
7 Inverter Delta ZheJiang
eight contact-monitor Weview ZheJiang
9 Contactor Schneider French
ten Sensor SUNX Japan

Computerized shrink wrapping packing equipment: Specially designed for drinks, pure water, fruit juice, wine and
other beverages. With complete automated features of bottle transfer and arrange, film wrapping, sealing and chopping, shrinkage,
cooling and other characteristics. It adopts the world’s advanced movie thermostatic sealing technology, and the sealing is firmly
cleaned. The PLC system is utilised for computerized circulation control, and the performance is steady and dependable. 3-layer
warmth insulation, excellent heat preservation overall performance, quickly heating, power preserving.
Positive aspects:
·Frequency management,Secondary bottle transport gadget.
·The total set which are drive bottle,warmth sealing chopping undertake pneumatic construction.
·Inductive swap handle film duration.
·Touch screen,PLC management system sophisticated dependability of the equipemtn operate.
·Circular wind equipment ,resuare well-proportioned temperature of the shrink furnace.
·Strong cooling system can reassure finalize the design and style rapidly.
·Heat-fast Teflon transportation internet,transportation regular,higher toughness and stand wear and tear.
·Frequency conversion timing internet transportation framework.
·The top of the conveyer belt can be made according to the user,adustable range±50mm
·Bottle transport equipment can satisfy the path of the person,it can extend and shorten
·Pterygoid stainless iron heating method,durability.
·Satisfy the bear storage rack device of the short duration for the product,assure consecutive perform for the creation line.

Bottle blowing machine:It is a type of equipment which can make plastic granules into hollow containers by blow
molding approach. It is mostly utilised in beverage and foodstuff sector.
Characteristics of major human body:
1). Secure performance with superior PLC.
two). Automatic preform conveyer to conserve human cost.
3). Preform self-rotation and infrared pre-heater revolution guarantee the even distribution of warmth, which boost the
bottle shaping rate, enhance the manufacturing.
4). High modifying functionality to allow preheat the preforms completely by change the voltage management spot in the PLC,
which could alter the temperature of the infrared lights in the pre-heater, and maintain the proper temperature and humidity
5). Large safeties with protection automatic-locking gadget in each mechanical action, which will make the manufacturing into
a perfect protected surroundings, in situation of the breakdown in specified process.
six). Introduce the FESTO air cylinder to avoid contamination and sounds.
7). Gratification with different atmospheric strain for blowing and mechanical action by dividing the blowing and
action into three parts in the air pressure diagram of the machine.
eight). Powerful clamping force with high stress and double crank hyperlinks to lock the mould.
nine). Two techniques of operating: computerized and guide.
10). Reduced expense,higher effectiveness,straightforward procedure and routine maintenance and so on, profited from the totally computerized technological approach.
12). Excellent cooling technique make the finished bottles CZPT any flaws.

Design CGF8-8-3 CGF14-12-five CGF18-18-six CGF24-24-8 CGF32-32-ten CGF40-40-10
Ability(500ml/bottle/h one thousand-2000 2000-4000 4000-8000 8000-12000 12000-15000 15000-18000
Suited bottle form Spherical bottle or sq. bottle
Bottle diameter(mm) ¢49-¢116
Bottle top(mm) one hundred sixty-320
Compressed air pressure(MPa) .two-.eight
Washing medium Pure h2o
Washing drinking water strain(MPa) >0.06MPa
Total energy(kw) three.eight four.five 4.eight 5.5 7 eight.2
General dimensions(mm) 2200*1600*1800 2400*1880*2000 2800*2200*2300 3050*2400*2300 3800*2600*2500 4000*3150*2500
Weight(kg) 2880 3050 4300 6400 7450 8550

Automatic Small Capacity 1000bph 2000bph3000bph 4000bph Mineral Drinking Water Beverage Packing Packaging Machine Line Plant Project