Automatic Large Format Inspection Machine From China

Automatic Large Format Inspection Machine From China

Key position 

a)Inspecting massive spot with a lot more detection flaw contents, detection price achieve a hundred% 
b) The large speed picture pickup technique, computer image processing program and mechanical positioning method merged properly to ensure the high speed inspection with high precision. 


Function Feature

one. High performance


It makes use of printer type feeder with speed up to 12000pieces/hour
The length of two sheets is adjustable according to paper measurement
The pile height is the very same as before and right after method
Secondary feeding and supply system guarantee the non-end feeding and shipping and delivery

two. Substantial steadiness

Conveying platform is steel plate with thickness of 25mm. The construction is shock resistance designed and analyzed to guarantee the balance of running. 
The conveying belts are imported wide variety CZPT connections to ensure the conveying stability of substantial velocity sheets. 
Huge adjustable vacuum circulation to make the paper conveying secure and precise. 
All the key metal areas this sort of as machine partitions, cams and many others use substantial grade steel and processed by CNC Lathe  
Large speed working elements this kind of as shafts, rollers are produced by higher quality metal quenched and dynamic balance examined to make certain the steadiness when running at high speed. 
Motors, belts, chains and so on are effectively-acknowledged model in domestic and abroad. CZPTs are mostly from C&U Group with essential bearings from NSK
Pneumatic elements are from SMC-Japan 
CZPT components are Omron, Schneider, IDEC, and Delta etc 
Velocity reducer is from CPG, ZheJiang

3. Substantial precision 

Exclusive positioning system provides big correction range and effortlessly adjustment. 
Vacuum sorption table is up to 2600mm*1100mm to ensure the sheet flatness. 

4. Inspection system

CZPTed industrial large speed camera 
Big dimensions sheet inspection. The dimension can be 1040 X 780mm
Large pace inspection, the optimum velocity for big dimension sheet can be 12000 pieces/hour
Effortless and quick adjustable inspection criteria: The equipment can established criteria for various prints or distinct inspection areas
Saving inspection benefits and fault images into databases to retrieve and classify them at any time
In-time display the picture of defective products and on-time ongoing defects inspection can make the operator adjust printing process in time. 

five. Protected And Easy Operation

PLC management with each other with gentleman-equipment interface will display the procedure status, malfunction and diagnose and procedure need. All the configurations are exhibited in the monitor and altered by the purpose button according to instruction in the guy-equipment interface 
Numerous sensors and secure device are outfitted with the machine to make confident the device run well and basic safety. All the malfunctions will be shown in the screen for simple issue elimination.


Model  JP1040
Max. Sheet size 1040*780mm
Min. Sheet size 400*360mm
 Sheet weight  70~400g
 Max. Running speed Max. 150meter/minute    12000pieces/hour
Digicam 4K 4K +8K
Picture Resolution       .13 mm X0.13 mm 4K camera  0.13 mm X0.13 mm
8K camera  0.07 mm X0.08 mm
Min. point defect size (ink spot, omission, dirt) 
high contrast ratio 0.15mm2 
Low contrast ratio  0.25mm2  
high contrast ratio  0.1mm2
Low contrast ratio  0.2mm2  
 Min. line defect size (ink line, streak)  high contrast ratio width≥0.2 mm
Low contrast ratio width≥0.3 mm
high contrast ratio width≥0.15 mm 
Low contrast ratio width≥0.25 mm  
Chromatic aberration inspection
ΔE ≥ 3 ΔE ≥3
Overlapping precisions  Lateral Direction±0.2 mm 
 Longitudinal  ±0.2 mm
Lateral Direction±0.15 mm
Longitudinal direction±0.15 mm
Electrical power 14KW
Net weight      nine.8T
Dimension  10600×2650×2400mm( including pedal platform)

Automatic Large Format Inspection Machine From China