48V 130W Right-Angle Wire Feeder Worm Gear Motor on MIG Welding Machine and Window Opener

48V 130W Right-Angle Wire Feeder Worm Gear Motor on MIG Welding Machine and Window Opener

We are a single OEM Manufacturer for different  worm-equipment motors, clay concentrate on entice machine motor, wire feeder motor, powering golf trolleys motor, worm gear motor on digital jigging fishing genuine, dump truck tarp motor, energy golf trolley motor, sharpening concrete ground motor,  pedestrian pallet truck motor and so forth
one. Motor sort: Long lasting magnet DC
two. Rated pace: 1500rpm-5000rpm
three. Security: IP44, IP55, IP66
4. Voltage: 12V, 24V
5.Equipment Ratio: 15:1, 25:1, 30:one. 50:1, eighty:one
6.Output velocity: 167rpm, 100rpm, 83rpm, 50rpm, 31rpm
7. Output power: 240W, 320W, 420W, 480W, 750W,
eight. Gearbox: worm and wheel
9. Insulation: Course F
ten. Performance: sixty five%

Our Main range of DC motors and gearboxes are particularly developed to be interchangeable and flexible, this helps us keep lower inventory stages although achieving the customization required for so numerous applications. The core offer has also enabled us to offer superb pricing amounts for lower portions, frequently prototypes are really high-priced thanks to deficiency of economies of scale we have tried to support with this as considerably as achievable. HangCZPT CZPT can supply bespoke models for greater portions and offer a Source Chain provider exactly where we work closely with our customers to recognize the optimal supply plan in accordance with OEM production stages. If you are hunting for DC motors and gearboxes you have arrive to the correct location, our professional specialized income personnel will recommend the very best attainable choice for the two your application and your pocket. Get in touch with us now to talk about your application.

CZPT Motor Associated Services Include:
•We can offer AC, DC motors and motor gearbox combinations up to 3000W and 250nm for little and massive orders.
•We produce bespoke deisgns for orders above one thousand models.
•We provide & source on time (In accordance to stringent OEM creation Schedules)
•We generate motors to your specs
•Our models undergo arduous performance and software testing just before dispatch
•We assist customers with the design of purposes
•We keep numerous motor spares

Why You Should Use CZPT For Your Motor Requirments?
•Extensive Selection
•Manufactured to Spec
•Able to handle any measurement order big or modest
•High Manufacturing facility Potential
•Quantity Discounts

Product Voltage Power existing torque output speed Reduction ratio
350W-LST90-RV040-25RPM 24V 350W 18.6A 18N.M 25RPM/35RPM one hundred twenty:1
350W-LST90-RV040-50RPM 24V 350W 18.6A 14N.M 125RPM/150RPM 20:1
240W-LST90-Q 12V 240W, 200W 40A, 20A 22.5N.m 50rpm,100rpm 50:one, thirty:one
350W-LST90-08 12V 350W 50A 22.5N.m 75rpm 50:1
220W-LST80-Y 12V 220W 25A 11N.m 45rpm 50:one
130W-LST73-AS 48V 130W 4A seven N.m 88 rpm 25:1
  130W 4A 11 N.m 55 rpm forty:one
320W-LST73-08 12V 320W 45A 36N.m 42rpm fifty:1

HangCZPT CZPT TRADE CO., LTD is accountable for exporting the previously mentioned goods, and we also import some crucial items from oversea marketplaces.
Our organization has obtained the correct of import and export from the Authorities section.
It is required to get your particular requirement when contacting us, for instance of motor, voltage, energy, speed, output torque, connecting type and size of shaft, outside the house composition drawing or pertinent photographs and many others. And then we will give the exact delivers.
Therefore, hope to get your comments soon.

48V 130W Right-Angle Wire Feeder Worm Gear Motor on MIG Welding Machine and Window Opener