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Our range of leaf chains for material handling applications is used worldwide for large civil works such as straddle carriers, forklifts, and flood barriers.

What are Leaf Chains?

Leaf chains are known for their durability and high tensile strength. They are primarily used in lifting equipment applications such as forklifts, lift trucks and lifting masts. These durable chains handle the lifting and balancing of heavy loads by using pulleys instead of sprockets for guidance. One of the main differences of leaf chain compared to roller chain is that it consists only of a series of stacked plates and pins, providing superior lifting strength.

Selection Criteria

Safety is perhaps the most important factor your workplace must consider when selecting the most suitable chain for your industrial needs. The chain selected must meet the standards required by regulatory agencies to ensure that your suspension and motion transmission activities are not a potential disaster waiting to happen.

the Highest Industry Standards

Our company’s leaf chain stock is made with incredible craftsmanship. Each piece of steel on the flyer chain is specially selected and heat treated to meet the highest industry standards. As such, our chains are the first choice for operations requiring strong and flexible linkages.

Structure of Leaf Chain

Leaf chains consist of only plates and pins

The chain plates are connected by chain pins and bear the tension acting on the chain.

The outer chain plate and the pin are tightly fitted and fixed by riveting. The inner chain plate, intermediate chain plate, and chain pins are a slip fit.

While the chain pin bears the shear force through the chain plate, when the chain buckles, it slides on the inner surface of the hole of the inner chain plate.

Leaf Chain Product Range

A leaf chain is a rollerless chain commonly used in forklifts and other material handling applications. Leaf chains consist of steel plates mounted side by side on pins. The links have the same profile as figure eight on standard roller chains. The chain can bend at each pin. 

Heavy Duty Lifting Chain

Forklift Replacement Chain Kits

Pipe Wrench Chain

Application of Leaf Chain

There are different categories and applications of leaf chains. These include agricultural chains, conveyor chains, engineered steel chains, oilfield chains and power transmission chains.

◆ Agricultural leaf chains are used in agricultural applications.
◆ Conveyor leaf chains are specially designed for conveyor applications. This category includes roller chains with special attachments, flat-top plate chains, and silent chains.
◆ Engineered steel leaf chains are manufactured from machined and fabricated steel. This type of leaf chain is used in various industrial applications.

Power transmission leaf chains are used in power transmission drive applications.


Years in Business

Service Support

Leaf Chains and Strength

Leaf chains are well known to engineers for their prowess in material handling such as forklifts, lift trucks, lifting masts, straddle carriers and other civil engineering staples. Their long service life, high fatigue strength and excellent wear resistance make them an ideal solution for long-term projects requiring both reliability and robustness. The compact design of the leaf chain allows it to fit well into various systems. Key parts of the leaf chain include:

  • Link Plates: Close control of the plate dimensions allows for high fatigue strength and long service life.
  • Pins: The pins pass through the plates and are subject to shearing forces, while the plates articulate on the pins through rotation over the sheave.

Lacing Pattern

The more chain plates, the higher the expected output and tensile strength. One of the ways to get a better grasp of this is to understand part numbers. The first number identifies the chain pitch, and the next two numbers represent the lacing of the chain.

Bearing Area

Tensile strength does not always equal the durability of a flyer chain in service. When comparing flyer chains with similar tensile strengths, it is imperative to choose the flyer chain with a larger load-bearing area.

Fatigue Strength

The greater the number of hinged links, the less uniform the load distribution will be throughout the leaf chain. When the pin is longer, it is easier for the pin to bend under pressure. Therefore, the leaf chain with the fewest number of links must be selected.

Features & Benefits

Our company can design and manufacture a leaf chain solution for almost any power transmission problem. We supply leaf chain applications in the automotive, food and beverage, mining and metals, and construction industries. Our chains stand up to these environments with years of trouble-free performance.

  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Environmentally friendly lubrication characteristics
  • High press fits
  • Shot-peened components
  • High pre-loading
  • Handles punishing, heavy-duty applications
  • All standard sizes available in F (machine tool quality), AL (high quality), and BL (super heavy-duty) series

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